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Connecting the Dots…
Just as I do in my Game Theory Politics – The Series books, this community will connect and simplify complex political game dots for normies. Recognizing, current day federal level political games are proving to be greater than or equal to ≥ treason itself.

Welcome! This is OUR Community
In our community let’s apply logical thinking. Remember, trolls are people, too. Where we go one we go all (WWG1WGA).

They want us divided.
Divided by religion.
Divided by race.
Divided by sex.
Divided by political affiliation.
Divided by class.
When we are divided, and angry, and controlled, we target those ‘different’ from us, not those responsible.
Divided we are weak.
Divided we pose no threat to the political control structures ran by politicians who utilize false altruism to control the narrative.

Game Theory. Define. Why is this relevant? Moves and countermoves. Who is the enemy? Trust the mission. — Q

Game Theory Politics – The Series
The inspiration for this community is Game Theory PoliticsThe Series which is a non-fiction book series authored by me, Jill M. McClure, It consists of three books: 1) The Rise of False Altruism: How Obama, Clinton, and Bush Paved the Way for a Trump Presidency, 2) The Politics of Greater Good: Constitutionalism vs. Utilitarianism, and 3) Civilian Disobedience: Donald Trump The Populist Defector.

Game Theory, Decision Theory, and Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments and Wealth of Nations make up the core of my post U.S. Constitutional political science treatise, Political False Altruism Framework. Each book in the series highlights one of the three constructs which make up my grounded political theory.

Book one is based on the first construct, Political Moral Utility Choice Principles; book two is the second construct, Politics of Greater Good Comparison Chart; and book three, the third construct, is McClure Game: Presidential Decision-Maker’s Model.

In 2012, I began creating this game theory politics series to help guide the American electorate on how to preserve freedom and liberty—and insure against the risky Washington DC political establishment’s damaging fundamental transformation of America’s federal politics and government. 

About me
I’m on a mission to help improve the human condition one day at a time. I believe strongly in empowering people and driving informed engagement among those in need to break the cycle of poverty, volunteers, nonprofit donors, voters, employees, and everyday people. I’m a wife, mother, Silicon Valley Chief Executive Officer, Start-up Founder, Entrepreneur, Global Human Resources Consultant, Non-Profit Board Member & Advisor, Non-Fiction Author, and generally concerned citizen.

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